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Why Do We Pray?

“Let us pray.” “I’ll pray for you.” “Keep us in your prayers.” Many often hear phrases like these or something like it. It might even be a good safe guess…


What are your needs? So often we talk about things we want out of life. We want to be successful, we want a new car, we’d love to…

Lies & The Truth

I recently read an article saying that everyone lies. That’s actually not true. But I think it is safe to assume that each one of us, on more than one occasion…

True Fan

I’ve always been a baseball fan. Well, that’s not really true. While I have liked baseball most of my life, I really only became serious about it during the…


What would you do if you were trapped in a hole with someone you stanchly disagreed with? A person with many viewpoints, opposite of…

Packing Bags

I’ve never been a big travel kind of guy. Many people like to go from place to place and see sights in different countries and…

Be accepting of others.

Questions for Pastor Trever Rook Part 1

What is Neighbors Church? / Why would someone want to join Neighbors Church?

Questions for Pastor Trever Rook – Part 2

How do you interpret the bible? / Who is Jesus? / What is grace and salvation?

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